Moving Sale


After 16 wonderful years in Taipei, we are returning to America to be with our family.We have accumulated a lot of stuff!

Please buy something so that we do not have to crate it up and haul it to the USA.

Click the link below to be taken to a list of some of the sale items. The first thing listed is a spreadsheet with all of the household items and their prices. Also, look for the tabs at the top for electronics & books (mostly paperbacks).

  • Household furnishings
  • Electronics
  • Books – mostly paperbacks

Click this link to be taken to a list of the sale items: J&F Big Moving Sale

Continue to check back, we will be adding to the list often and will remove the sold items.

Thank you for taking a look,
J & F

You can contact us by commenting on this post or you can find our email address on the list at the link above.

From Texas to Taiwan and Back Again!

Nov 2015

It’s hard to believe we have lived and served in Taiwan for 15 years!  We will be returning to Texas June 2016 as retired, IMB missionaries, but not too tired to see what the Lord has for us in the next season of life.

Some of you may keep up with the Baptist news, and the IMB – International Mission Board News these past two months.  If so, then this letter comes as no surprise.  

The IMB issued a plea for 600-800 missionaries to prayerfully consider accepting the “VRI” – Voluntary Retirement Incentive.  Since we met their criteria (over 50 and 5+ years of service), and since we had already scheduled leaving the field June 2016 for final stateside assignment making retirement June 2017, saying YES to the VRI package was the clear path for us.  The VRI just altered the timing by 18 months. Whereas most who say “Yes” to the VRI will depart the field in Dec or Jan, Jackie and I will remain in Taiwan as volunteers through the end of May 2016.  We came to this decision by seeing for us… this was the way to honor the Lord by honoring the IMB’s need to reduce the force and honoring BSF by completing our Revelation Teaching commitment.  Jackie will also serve as a volunteer with the mission and continue to work on a couple of large upcoming events.

For specific info concerning IMBs – need to reduce the work force, visit:

We would appreciate your prayers concerning the numerous transitional details:

  • Please pray for sweet closures among our ministry relationships with both the people of Taiwan and our mission colleagues.
  • Wisdom in making decisions concerning what to ship back to Texas and what to sell  in Taiwan.
  • Provision of housing and a car June 1- July 8, 2016, preferably in the Fort Worth or Dallas Area.  We have a mission house secured beginning July 8 for 10 months.

We look forward to reconnecting with you upon our return.

In the Service of the Lord Jesus Christ, wherever He leads us, for there is “joy in His Presence” – Psalms 16:11.

Jackie and Fran Bell

Taipei, Taiwan

Effective Dec 1, 2015: IMB Emeritus Missionaries

Chinese New Year 2016


Sometimes also called Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year 2016 will be celebrated all over Asia on Monday, Feb. 8th this year. New Year’s Day varies from year to year because it is based on the moon instead of the calendar.

Click on the photo above more more about this holiday and for an update from East Asia.

Ten Days of Sacrifice

 Will you join in?

Each day, participants are challenged by scriptures, prayer requests, stories of people in East Asia, and practical ideas of how one can step up to the plate and make a difference. The 10 days of corporate sacrifice will begin April 9 and continue until April 18, Good Friday, the day we observe Christ’s ultimate sacrifice on the cross.

Click the photo for more info on how you can make a difference in the future of the people of East Asia.


Convenience trumps common sense

I saw an article this morning that I had a hard time believing.

. . .coffee pods are ridiculous, but just like with so many other things, we’ve traded convenience for taste. In the process we’ve ended up with a product that’s really bad for the planet. For example, all of the K-cups (the name for the Keurig pods) sold in 2013 could wrap around the Earth 10.5 times.

Coffee pods. Wrapped around the earth 10.5 times. Think about it.

But those pods don’t wrap around the planet. Nope, most of those plastic containers get tossed and head directly to the landfill . . .

Emphasis mine.

Click HERE for the whole article over at Ecosalon.